Saturday, June 06, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009


My Goals for this week are very simple:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.
Walk 2miles two days and one mile for 2 days with stretching.
Each day try to stick to the Canada food guide.

Lisa if you come to this blog I want to let you know you are a great encourager. I can tell you are organized, and have truly prioritized your life. You have placed God first, your family and then add in everything else to have a balance. I really like the idea of having a schedule for blogging. I feel overloaded with the whole blogging thing at times, this was a great answer to prayer. It lets me off the hook for feeling like I need to post every day.

I am going easy on myself this week. I have 4 papers to get done by June 8 and I am feeling swamped. This is my mountain. I need to push in and finish. I also have major things happening at work and in my life. I do not want my health and papers to continue to take the toll for everything else. I feel like I am walking the narrow path with a huge beam that needs balance. You gave me a tool to lessen the load. thanks.

Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27 - May 3

Well, the stats on last week:

I have been reading/listening to Romans 8, totally memorized, NOT! Giving up is not my style, which means I will continue with this chapter until it is memorized.

In the department of water intake, veggie and fruit consumption, I excelled. I only walked 10 miles of my goal of 12 miles and did not do the planned pilates. For my papers well, my brain just did not want to go there.

Life has had a few burbs and bubbles that I have had to try and work through. My husband Murray and I went on a marriage retreat this weekend and sugar was everywhere, I need to work on this one for this week. I am going to go easier on my self this week. I have taken the next two weeks off of work.

This week is designated to taking time to heal my soul, and finish my papers. Next week my husband, daughter, and I will be traveling to Victoria, B.C. The trip one way, is over a thousand miles from where I live. I will try and watch my food consumption and try to exercise as much as I can.

I believe I am in a time of starting again. It is a time of being anew with God and all that He has given. I know and believe this journey is not going to be easy but as I look to Jesus, with an ultimate goal of loving myself for God's sake, I will win this race.

Thank you for cheering me on. Your comment today helped me refocus. I am taking all day today to just be in God's presence. I have numerous thoughts in my head I could blog about, but contemplation in a hard journal is my goal for today. Thank you for being a friend on this journey. As I mentioned briefly there are things in my life that are hard at the moment but I believe God will move me beyond the burden of disappointment into days I can triumph over the burden.

I might write a thought tonight about being in my pajamas until noon!

On Friday before going to the retreat I decided to buy a new journal to go deeper with my emotions than just prayers and surface thoughts. I found a journal with the above picture on the front, it inspired me. I see it as the Holy Spirit guiding me and surrounding me, like Sarayu in the Shack. The Spirit is uprooting everything in my life, tossing it all around. To me it looks like chaos but I believe God knows what He is doing. My story is His story and I can trust Him as He prunes my life.

I really love the picture. A little new age, but for my creative mind it is perfect! The artist is Josephine Wall who is a new age artist but as I have said, it is soothing to my soul and captures how I view the Spirit moving in my life during this season of my life. I am also reading through James Houston's, book The Transforming Power of Prayer. It has been soothing to my soul also.

Wow, I did not think I would write this much. I am glad I am keeping this online journal. I will open it to the public when the time is right. This is a journey and I believe others will be encouraged in the future.

A new thing I am doing is drinking green tea with ginger, instead of sugary milky tea.

Love robin